Positive ps plate

Positive ps plate of Haomei

Haomei company production and operation Positive HDP-I PS Plate, Negative PS Plate (HDN),Thermal CTP (HLR), Haomei of PS plate with composite sand structure, good hydrophilicity,Rough guide gas, photosensitive fast, Press run, points clear, etc

The PS Plate System is part of a full line of film, scanning, digital proofing, plates and imaging products designed to increase your productivity. Because all of our plants are ISO 9000 certified, you can expect consistency from product to product, box to box, batch to batch. What’s more, all plates manufactured at haomei’s state-of-the-art facility

Positive ps plate of Haomei

positive chart HMP -i PS version used color printing; HMP - II used books and newspapers; HMP -III is suitable for the plate proofing, negative graphics PS version, the use of weak base development, developing fast; Good stability, high durable rate, resistance rate is high, can reach more than 200000,For newspapers, commercial officer processes such as printing, but after exposure to further improve the resistance force。

Positive PS Plate main technical parameters

Aluminum thickness


Aluminum alloy state


Surface roughness


The mass per unit area of oxide layer


The mass per unit area of sensitive layer


Exposure quantity


Dot reproduction ability




Dernsity of Piaae surstotfi background color


Anti-printing rate

50,000-100,000 printings

Storage period

l8months,shady,Against moisture,against heat

Deposit conditions

Temperature30°C,Relative humidity65°C,Stack height 1.5m

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