UV-CTP plate of Haomei

UV-CTP plate of Haomei

Haomei UV-CTP plate Product specifically designed for a variety of commercial printing and newspaper printing environments. Has outlets clear, structured, ink-water balance, high resistance to Indian forces and wide adaptability. Whether conventional or alcohol dampening dampening forum can output a clean, clear, color accurate prints.

technical data:

UV-CTP plate of Haomei

Model: Hm-HL type Positive CTCP Version
Uses: UV-CTP using version
Sensitivity: 60-80mj / m
Resolution: 1% @ 2001pi and 20 u FM (FM network)
Pressrun rate: High
Developing tolerance: Good
IPA Resistence: Good
Coating: Green
Edition-based hydrophilic treatment: there

Main features

High Sensitivity In the copy process, the unique formula KLP-A and KLP-SS type photosensitive glue launch a chain reaction, effectively shorten the exposure time. Unique low temperature drying technology to protect sensitive adhesive apart from inerting and catalytic role in sensitive adhesive so sensitive adhesive has a higher sensitivity, resolution and alkali resistance and other characteristics.
High resolution KLP-SS PS plate coating between the particular component and the molecular weight distribution of the polymer material is reasonable, so that sharp dot edge sharpness, the maximum degree of reduction of the original level.
High resistance to Indian forces By constantly comparing the best ingredients phot③ base ccxnersion of the base coat and a photosensitive coating compatibility and screening, and in the end of 2004Jhi)diu;s\engineers to the success of the original product has been improved to enhance the level of technology, especially pressrun sharply improved.
Good hydrophilicity Hydrophilic treatment: PAT technology provides excellent water retention properties can prevent the dirty. Multilayer sand Heai: evenly distributed graining enhance hydrophilicity and ink balance of tolerance.

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