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Our company produces and sells common PS printing plate (general) and high end CTP printing plate (UV-CTP and temperature-sensitive-CTP).

The product performance of UV-CTP and temperature-sensitive-CTP has already met international standard, the market share in domestic has reached 8%, and which have been exported to more than a dozen countries in Eastern Europe and ASEAN. Both the manufacture and sale of the enterprise are fine at present for the marketable products and superior quality, and the supply is not adequate to the demand

Ⅰ. Technological innovation, product upgrading and transformation, and improve core-competitiveness of the enterprise continuously
  The successful and growing process of the enterprise is a process of ceaseless innovation and promotion. At the initial stage of the plant, the company researched and developed 8m/min and 12m/min regenerative printing plate production line by itself, the technology was mature and stable, which formed the biggest regenerative printing plate production base in domestic in 2010 in production scale, and made great contribution to the development of locale circular economy. The company didn’t satisfied and stopped in front of honors, it input more than RMB 40 million Yuan and a great deal of manpower according to requirement changes of the market, added three lines of coiling block production of 18m/min, 25m/m and doubly coated 35m/min in 2012, 2013 and 2014 successively, among which the doubly coated 35m/min coiling block production line stayed in the top equipment level of the industry in domestic, realized product upgrading and enterprise transformation from single line regenerative printing plate to coiling block line high end printing plate.
  The annual output of the company can reach 20 million square meters at present, among which the annual output of intermediate UV-CTP product reached 8 million square meters and high end temperature-sensitive-CTP product reached 6 million square meters. The product was highly praised by the market, and the market share is expanding quickly in 20% rate of increase per year. The upgrading and reformation of manufacture equipments, the development and stable production of medium and high end products have made the enterprise full of great power for scale development. After putting engineering project into operation, it can reach annual production of 30 million square meters, output value of RMB 600 million Yuan, emplace 300 persons of labor force, and ranked top five of the industry in domestic.
  Self-innovation is the developing motive power of the company, the company paid high attention to technological innovation and input a special fund and staff, organized Xuchang High-performance Printing Plate Engineering Technology Research and Development Center in 2014. At present, the center has 21 specialized technical personnel in various categories, 12 intermediate and senior professional and technical personnel, 350 square meters central site, 280 square meters training site and more than 20 sets of advanced professional development, test and detecting instruments and equipments with a value of RMB 3 million Yuan.
  At the mean time, the center introduced industrial high end technical talents or cooperated with universities and colleges in production, study and research, laid a technological base for long term development; more than 30 patens were applied and 19 were approved; the company was approved as Henan technological medium and small sized enterprise in 2014, and innovative enterprise and high and new tech enterprise is under reporting.
  Ⅱ. Lading-in organization system management mode, strengthening team cohesion and implementation capacity
  With the continuous development of the enterprise scale, the company pays high attention to create corporate culture and team implementation capacity. It input more than RMB 1 million Yuan for training successively, organized medium, basic level and senior management staff to go out for training. By training courses of Chief Executive Storm, Organize System Management and Management Invincible Army, according to the mode of Organize System Management, and combining more than ten years of cultural heritage of the company development, mission, vision, management idea, working style, team idea, growth idea, executive idea and core values were formed.
  The company compiled and revised strategic planning, organizational structure, position work analysis sheet, management system, and workflow and performance appraisal successively, and implemented train and operation unceasingly. Each work has reached modeling and streamlining gradually, appointed persons were in charge of each matter, and each person had things to do, with procedure for affairs, assessments for positions and standard for performance. An occupational working team with target realization, system implementation and achievement realization was created, which made the enterprise management transform from personal competencies to organizing ability, and improve from extensive management to meticulous management. Continuous gaining and developing driving force of the enterprise were established by creating management basis.
  The company issues enterprise internal newspaper of Huida Voice periodically, establishes company wechat group, so as to propagate company management ideas, system philosophy and conference spirit, publicize positive energy of cohesive, practical and aggressive of Huida staff in working, which has become bridge and bond of the enterprise and staff and main position of external public opinion. A positive, fighting and aggressive team atmosphere was formed.
  Ⅲ. Set up beautiful plant environment, improve staff payment and welfare benefits unceasingly, and show enterprise image and humanistic concern
  In order to create a cozy and beautiful working and living environment for all staff, the company pays highly attention to plant greening work, and the president leads special appointed persons to take charge, with a total investment of RMB 1.05 million Yuan for purchasing project material, seeds of trees and manual work, the plant was greened in two springs of 2014 and 2015. The plant acquired a completely new outlook of “greening”. Green areas of evergreen take about one third of the plant, and there are green belts and greening trees around each plant building. Each building is hiding among green trees and fresh flowers with the feeling of “poetic dwelling”. Beautiful plant environment is a garden of relaxing for both mind and body in spare time, and also beautiful scenery.
  Since establishment, the company always insists on paying off salaries on time without delay, and increases and improves salary continuously; with staff welfare of group travel, collective dinner, art show and presents for festivals each year; builds serviced apartments with private bathrooms, air-conditioners and washing machines, builds basketball courts, sets up activities rooms and air-conditioners in workshops, and carries out 6”S” field management, so as to improve staff working and living environment continuously, and stabilize staff team, the ratio of old staff is 80%.
  Publicity slogans of enterprise culture, management system, safety production and so on can be seen in every places of bulletin board, workshop, office building and apartment building, which are seen in eyes, remembered in hearts, and implemented in activities, so as to lead and encourage the behavior habits and value orientation of each staff. At present, the enterprise culture of Huida is known by every staff, the plant environment is becoming more and more beautiful, and the behavior of staff is becoming more and more normative, and the environment construction is rising further. Cozy, harmonious and ecological atmosphere agglomerated all working staff together, motivated and aroused the enthusiasm and creativeness of all staff, and laid a solid basis for promoting company sustainable development.
  Ⅳ. Honest management, create good social reputation
  At the same time of self development, the company also paid attention to industrial self regulation and social responsibilities, insisted on management ideas of “honest, practical” and “mutual benefit, double win”. Obey local code and regulation, support social undertakings of local pension project, repair roads and build bridges, subsidize college students positively; lay emphasis on environment protection, produce waste water treatment project of more than RMB 5 million Yuan, which passed environmental assessment acceptance of environmental protection departments by self circulation processing ability of factory effluent; the company paid taxes positively, and remained a large taxpayer in Xuchang area of printing plate industry in recent years; the enterprise gained honors and titles of Honest Management Unit, Large Taxpayer, Enterprise of Abiding Contract Strictly and Being Trust Worthy and Bank 5A Grade Credit Customer, and was commended by two governments of municipality and town several times, interviewed by Changge TV and Henan TV, inspected by provincial and municipal leaders, visited by units of the same industries, and got good economical and social benefit.

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